DS106,  Final Project

Agents are MISSING

Attention all Secret Agents!

A few of our secret agents have gone missing. Of them are

Agent Amelie Amaya

Agent Laura Petrie

Agent Super Secret Squirrel

They have been captured by the evil villain LockJaw. We have a composite sketch of him below.

Related image

He is 275 pounds, pale as a ghost, with long fingers, and mismatching boots. He’s 6’7 and hard to miss. He tends to create a trail with his drool, and his super power is mind control. This means he is able to make his enemies do anything he desires.

These three agents went missing on a mission to infiltrate a Russian headquarters and gain access to their databases and steal all of their military grade weapons.

We caught LockJaw due to one of our secret agents that escaped. This secret agent does not want to be named out of security reasons. This secret agents was captured along with the agents, and was controlled do many different cooperative techniques. However, they did not give any information about our headquarters. This does not mean we are safe though. The other three agents are still out there, and he is using his powers to string them along like puppets and milk them of their knowledge.

Here are some missing posters for our secret agents:

This is the radio broadcast that has been broadcasted on DS106 radio:

Lastly, here is the video from the Secret Agent Headquarters regarding our missing agents:

If you have any information, call 1-800-secretagent

Our email address is secret@agent.net

Help us bring back our agents

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