Assignment Bank,  DS106

Assignment Bank #1

This first assignment was kinda a struggle. I thought it would be quite simple. All I had to do was to make a video displaying Morse Code. I decided to take a nap before this assignment, and while I was half asleep I decided to youtube a video of it to understand how to do it. I remember learning about it vaguely in school, but we never learned how to do it. I found a video showing how to say “hello world” and I was going to tap one finger for a dot, and two for a dash. Listening to the video and trying to execute the tapping was difficult. After doing 23 takes, I decided to try something else. I then found a video where they used light as a source. I had a lamp next to me and decided to try this route. I watched the video while switching the light on and off and finally was able to do it! It’s probably not completely accurate, as I’m not an avid morse coder, but its a pretty good idea for an amateur college student! Then I uploaded it to youtube from my phone and this assignment bank was complete!

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