Assignment Bank,  DS106

Assignment Bank #2

Stars: 4

For my second assignment, I chose to do one where I explain a software and make a video. I just recently found out about a software called Clip Grab and I wanted to make a video on it to help my peers.

I had never heard of this software, and it may be easy to use, but it could really help one of my classmates.

I first had to google how to screen record on my Mac. After I found out, I just simply did a screen recording of everything that I needed to walk someone through the software. I left enough time in between steps to explain in my voice over. Then I uploaded the screen recording into iMovie and added my voice over. I added the title and credits, then put in some music. It was ready to be uploaded to youtube after this was complete.

I added the music in at the title and credits, as I felt like this was the only place where it fit. I did not want to have music overlapping my voiceover.

Here is my editing process:

Here is my video:

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