Assignment Bank,  DS106

Assignment Bank #2

My next assignment was one I wasn’t very excited to do. I was looking for two four star assignments to complete the eight star requirement and this one seemed the most interesting to me. I have never used reddit and I am highly unfamiliar with it. First, I made an account. Then I was able to make a post. The assignment was to make a creepy story, and I had one in mind. A few years ago, my brother snuck out with his friends and called me saying he has just saw slenderman. I freaked out and ended up having a panic attack on my floor. There is nothing worse than hearing your greatest nightmare is a real thing. It was later revealed, however, it was just my brothers friends playing a prank on him. His friend had dressed up in a suit and was dropped off on the route their car would be taking. I chose to interpret this into a creepy story, and made it so that it would be just my brother and I actually encountering the real slenderman. After I wrote my story, I picked a community to categorize it under and I posted it. The website is very user friendly and easy to navigate. This assignment wasn’t necessarily hard, but it did take quite a while to complete due to the writing aspect. I would rate it 4 stars because of this.

Check out my story and leave me a comment on if you liked it or not!

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