Assignment Bank,  DS106

Assignment Bank #2

My second assignment bank was my first step into iMovie. I’ve messed around with it a little, but I was completely dumb founded. I had to google the easiest of things, but eventually got everything to work out. For this one I had to choose 3 movie scenes that changed my life. I had to think long and hard about this one, as I have not watched a movie under this category in a while. I started browsing through Netflix to rejog my memory, but this did not do much.

I remembered that my favorite movie is The Butterfly Effect due to its message. It conveys how you can’t change the past, and even if you were able to, you may still not like the outcome.

I found The Theory of Everything on Netflix and was going to use this, but then when I looked it up I found The Danish Girl. This movie is absolutely amazing and has beautiful cinematography. I chose to use this movie instead because I felt like it had a clear message. This movie is the epitome of never apologizing for who you are, and the people that really love you will love you for who you are, and for no matter what.

The last movie I saw on Netflix, and it is called The Lovely Bones. This movie is suspenseful, gruesome, and sends shivers down your spine. The story is beautifully executed. I chose this movie because it dissects how not everyone is who you really think they are. Some of the most innocent of people can be monsters, and we will never know. Quite a scary concept to think about.

After I found all of my movies and clips, I converted them in clip grabber and put the into iMovie. Then I recorded a voice over and uploaded it to youtube.

I chose to keep the audio in it under my voice, as then you get the full effect of the movie scenes.

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