Assignment Bank,  DS106

Assignment Bank #3

Stars: 2

I normally choose to do 2 five star assignments to complete the ten star requirement, however, there weren’t many five star assignments to choose from this week. I noticed that the star ratings change, as some I chose to do earlier have went from 5 stars to 2.

I also chose to add music into the title and credits of this assignment. I felt like it fit well and brought the whole assignment together.

I needed a two star assignment to finish up, so I chose this one. I also had to relate this one to my secret agent. I felt like my secret agent is me, so I dually talked the advice being from me and thus my secret agent. I left everything vague, and did not give too many details about my actual life, so that it can be thought as my secret agents life.

This means that I would soon become Amelie Amaya once I graduate and have a job.

I like how I kept this assignment true to myself, while also bringing in my agent. They are, after all, us right?

Here is my work:

Here is the video:

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