Assignment Bank,  DS106

Assignment Bank #3

My last and final assignment bank was probably the most fun, and also the one that made me want to rip my hair out the most. You would think that Google Draw wouldn’t cause any stress, but trust me, Google isn’t very smart. I saw this assignment, and it looked like it was resemble that drawing game that used to be an app. I used to love to challenge my friends and see who could draw the best (in under a specific time slot), and who could guess what the horrible drawings looked like the most adequate. All I had to do was clink the link and begin drawing. However, some of the objects were quite random and hard to draw. For example, one object was a cooler. I don’t know about you, but drawing a cooler is a heck of a lot harder than drawing a broom. One time I had to draw a sink, and I thought I drew a mighty accurate sink, but google THOUGHT IT WAS A COOLER. I don’t know if I am the worst drawer in the world, or that google just isn’t very smart, but I was getting pretty angry at this point. Another factor that stressed me out was that I was determined to make her guess all six of my drawings. I probably sat at my computer playing against Google for 30 minutes. Sometimes I would be on the last drawing and my computer wouldn’t load and I would have to start over. Overall, it should have been the easiest assignment in the world, but somehow I am a conductor for bad luck. Once Google correctly guessed all of them, there was an option to post them to my twitter, in which I did. Then the nightmare was over, and I never have to think about Google Draw again. This post honestly sounds like a Yelp review, but with how things went for everything else, what am I to expect?

Check out the tweet here:

If you wanna try you hands at Google Draw:

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