Daily Creates,  DS106

Connecting Daily Creates

For one of our assignments we had to do our typical daily creates, but we had to connect them all. I thought this would be quite difficult, as many of them are about completely separate topics. I did the first two and realized I had no idea how to connect them. Then I realized that I had done things that I wish that I had. I wish I had a heart to love doing homework and I wish I had a hairless cat. My last assignment bank was now simple. We had to create a top trump, and I decided to do a degree from UMW. I want a degree from UMW more than anything. With all of them done, I can safely now say that they all connect in that they are things that I want and do not have. Finding a way to connect them was a lot easier than I thought, and I did it subconsciously. I enjoyed doing this. Normally we just do the daily creates and that’s it. Adding another element to it and having to think more about what we are posting made it become less repetitive and more interesting. I really enjoyed doing this!

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