Even Newer Mission?

I chose to take my idea, and mash it together with a bunch of different other students ideas.

My idea: Use all forms of digital media we have learned about this semester. This includes video, writing, audio, and photos.

Video: Spies are missing, we must find them with a scavenger hunt. This scavenger hunt will require going through everyones blogs. Create a screen recording of the entire scavenger hunt and post it to your blog with a write up.

Source: https://www.hannahkolkmeyer.com/blog/ds106/uncategorized/a-new-mission/

Photo: Create posters to help bring back our secret agents.

Source: http://ds106.jasminealanis.com/uncategorized/mission-idea/

Audio: Create a radio bumper for DS106 radio to bring back our secret agents and make their disappearance known. (All members of the group should make one).

Writing: Make sure to write up all of your work in separate blog posts, and include these in the weekly summary.

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