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Final Project

We have come to the end, my friends.

Now I swear something always has to happen to where I can not finish my assignments in time. After a few days of working on the final, I was doing some finishing touches, and my sister called me. She had severe dehydration and needed to go to the hospital. I went into a different kind of speed, and rushed to bring her. She got hooked up to I.V.’s, and after 4 hours, I finally was able to finish up my project. After a few more editing hours, it is safe to say that I have completed my final project.

So, for one last time, let’s get started… shall we?

Check out my outline for my final project:

First up, my visual assignment. For my visual assignment I wanted to create 3 missing posters for our secret agents. These were easier said than done. I wanted to use a new app to differentiate my posters from my past ones. I looked and experimented around with different apps for about an hour before I came to an app called Pinso. While this app was great, I always run into the same problems with these kinds of apps. You have to buy certain features to make the best of the app. I worked with what I got, and after experimenting around for another hour, decided I liked the simple look the best. I didn’t want to overcrowd the image, and I wanted the meaning to be clear. Once I found all of the images our secret agents used, I saved them and edited them into the posters. Then I sent them to my laptop and the visual assignment was complete.

I opted to make the pictures have a hue of red, simple text, and blurred the photos just a tad. I thought this really made it so that the photos looked like these were missing people.

Next up: Video

My video assignment also ended up being one of the easiest, surprisingly. The only problem was adding audio. I found a resolution by recording everything from my laptop, and playing it off of my phone. I would find my sounds on youtube, which allowed for a lot more variety than something like free sound. Then I uploaded the videos of my speaking from my web cam. I also had a sheet of paper where I wrote everything about the secret agents, and had their dossier’s pulled up on my laptop. This helped quite a lot with a script.

I also opted to edit the picture to be black and white, as I felt this fit with the theme better than having bright orange sunglasses. First I added all of my talking pieces, then I added the music and ending title. I chose to keep the beginning screen black without a title because I feel like that it fit the idea of a broadcast the best. I also made sure that the music was quite than me talking, or else it would’ve clashed and been hard to hear. I wanted the background music to be there, but the message was the most important. Once I had it all completed I uploaded it to YouTube.

Next up: Audio

Now audio was honestly the hardest. I did my voice recordings, but couldn’t figure out how to put the voice recordings into audacity. I knew you had to convert it to an MP3, but this was not working out for me. So I ended up using iMovie instead. I used the web cam to record my voice memos, and used it as well to add in the broadcast sounds. Then, I recorded the entire iMovie on my phone using voice memos, and uploaded that to Soundcloud. It was a very repetitive and unnecessary process, but nothing ever works out for me, does it?

I debated on putting music in the background of the audio assignment as well, but I ultimately decided not to. I feel like podcasts, radio shows, and broadcasts only have music at the beginning and end, and not during them, so I wanted to keep it as real as possible. Recording the sounds also gave me more freedom. I feel like free sound has a very small amount of sounds that I am looking for. By recording them from YouTube, I was able to find whatever that I needed.

I know most of my assignments sound the same, but I used the same script AND there isn’t much of a way to make the facts sound different. I felt like if I changed it up too much, then it wouldn’t sound as real. Actual emergency messages all sound the same, so I opted to keep the same script. However, I did do every single assignment from scratch.

I chose for writing to be this almost weekly summary post, and my other post that acts as my final project post. I originally wrote up the post to be just a writing assignment, but in order to jazz it up I thought to add all of my elements in there. After all, what’s DS106 without one last weekly summary?

Here is my final project post WITH the second writing assignment included:

I feel like my project undoubtedly ties the course together. This is because I brought different students characters into my story, and created a mission to go with it. Our theme was secret agents, and my final project is completely about secret agents.

And with that, I can’t believe I’m saying that I have completed my mission. I had quite a lot of fun with this class, and I will miss it and Professor Bond’s creativity. Thank you for joining me, Secret Agent Moore signing off.

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