DS106,  Final Project

Progress Report

We’re almost at the end of this class! I’ve enjoyed it more than I thought I would. I originally took this class because it was online and it helped with being a commuter student. I dropped one of my lectures on campus before even going, and chose to do two online classes instead. This is something I’ve never done, and I thought the course load for just two online classes would be the death of me. Here I am to say, however, that I am happy with my decision.

This class has shown me that I don’t know as much about computer systems as much as I thought I did. Audio was quite difficult to me, as audacity proved to be a challenge. After a few hours, I was able to get the handle of it, and I’m glad I learned how to use it!

Visual assignments were harder than I had thought. I took photography in high school, so editing and uploading images were not new to me. I did not have any editing software though. I learned how to use photoshop throughout that class, but it was provided to us. Photoshop is quite expensive, so I had to find other means. This was a learning experience for me. I went onto the apple store and found so many different editing apps. I loved how I had to do this, and learned more despite the experience I had. Writing was easy for me, as this is one of the only things I am good at. I am an English major, so this was a breeze. The assignments we not difficult either! Web assignments were also easy, as they didn’t require any new softwares to experiment with.

I loved doing the radio show! It was a lot of work, but I loved my group and how it brought the class together. Group assignments are either a hit or a miss, and this one was a hit!


I really like how the final project is up for our interpretation. I think how we had to think about it for the past few weeks has really helped pull it together. The first week we all had a vague idea of what we were going to do, and week after week we expanded on it.

I knew I wanted to use everything we had learned this semester, and put my knowledge to the test.

I am going to go for the outline that I put forward last week. This would cover all platforms we have experienced.

I expanded on my ideas by looking at other student’s posts. This helped give me a better idea of what to do, while also inspiring me.

Find my Blog Post Here:

However, I don’t think this would equal to be 30 stars. I have done a lot of 5 star assignments throughout the course of this class, so I know this outline would be too easy.

I am going to change up video a little bit. I think the scavenger hunt would be too difficult in itself without everyone participating. What would I be trying to find? There would really be nothing unless everyone made a blog post correlated to the assignment. Instead, I am going to make essentially an announcement about the missing agents. Almost as if it would come across T.V. as a broadcast (but not actually, people aren’t supposed to know about our secret agents). This in itself would be around 5 stars, so I am going to edit it enough to were it will be around 10 stars. This means it won’t be a typical assignment bank where minimal editing is key. I will make sure the title and closing titles have music and are accurate, and it is more than me just talking about the agents.

I am going to keep the visual assignments. However, one poster would be equal to 5 stars, so I am going to make around 2-3 with great editing. This should equal it to around 10 stars as well.

Audio will also be the same. The radio bumper will be less of a bumper, and more of a broadcast as well. Not as complex as the radio show, as I am not in a group, but complex enough to be around 10 stars as well. I am going to have around 5 minutes of me talking and editing it as much as the radio show.

Writing will be changed up a bit as well. There is a weekly summary required, but that would not be enough. I am also going to make a separate blog post talking about our secret agents and how they are missing. These both should be around 10 stars together.

Overall, the assignments should equal out to be around 40 stars in my opinion, with the 5 star leeway if I am off by a tad.

I have also started working on the final project. Here is my progress with the basis for a few assignments:

This is the writing assignment:

I also have the voice recording for my audio assignment, all that is needed is major editing.

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