Radio Show Ideas

-Rating spy movies: In this topic we can go over a wide array of different spy movies. We can rate them based off of their themes, cinematography, uses of background noises, and overall favoring. We don’t have to cover a bunch of movies, as this will be confusing. Maybe just a few of the most popular spy movies, and dive deep into every aspect of them.

-How the ideas of spies have evolved: Over time, it is very adamant how the idea of spies have changed. They still hold true to their core values and ideas, but they also have evolved in many different ways. Their technologies has advanced greatly, and this can either be distracting to the story, or help convey it better. Their missions have become significantly more complicated, this in part can be due to new technologies as well (in real life and in the movies). They aren’t just on one mission anymore, their missions have sort of a spiderweb affect, where one thing turns into a million different small missions. The actors and who plays the spies have also changed. They went from well-groomed, and high class men to any kind of human. There are girl spies, normal everyday people, younger kids, and even different races. They used to just be white men and now they are any age, and gender, and any race.

-How are spies in the real world: There is a lot of speculation around spies in the real world. No one quite knows for sure what they actually do. Many spies today are just allowed to say that they work for the government, and can not go into any detail. It would be interesting to dive into what they actually do for a living. Many of the governments jobs are secret to the public. Most of the population probably is unaware of some of the deals they do. I, for one, am very curious on how much is hidden from us. This can lead to some of the jobs real life spies may have today.


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