Assignment Bank,  DS106

Secret Mission Alert: From a Text?

Stars: 5

I chose to do this assignment because we all know what I love to do in this class. Do as many stars as possible, to avoid the write ups!

I tried to think of how to do this assignment, first and foremost. I thought of using a friends phone, but didn’t want to intrude. I knew there was a laptop at home, but I was at school in between classes. I chose to do iMessage on my laptop, and changed the sending address from my number, to my email. This way, I wouldn’t get double of the same messages, because I’d be texting myself.

I chose to go along with the secret agent theme. I chose to be my secret agent, Amelie Amaya, and to be recruited for a mission. I kept it short and brief, to not bore the reader. While also vague, to not give too many details of the mission and blow my cover, and to leave the viewer with unanswered questions.

I chose to keep the screen record whole. I could’ve edited it in iMovie to add a title and credit screen, but the instructions in the assignment say to screen record it. I didn’t want to mess up the assignment too much, so I just kept it whole. After that I sent it to my laptop and put it in this document! I also didn’t feel like youtube was necessary to upload, as I didn’t do any editing.

Overall, this assignment was REALLY easy. I love coming across assignments that you think are going to be harder than they really are. I also really enjoyed it. More than I thought I would.

Find the video here:

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