Assignment Bank,  DS106

So You Wanna Do A Video Essay, Huh?

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For one of our assignments this week we had to do a tutorial for an assignment we had already created. I chose to do the Ebert’s Analysis assignment. I really enjoyed this assignment, and it could be difficult to know how to do without any background information.

I had already made a tutorial for ClipGrab for an assignment, so this one was a piece of cake!

All I did was set up a screen recording, talk in my head to know what I would say during my voiceover, save it, edit it, put in a voice recording, and upload it to youtube. I chose to only add music to the ending titles because I experimented around with the beginning title. I accidentally found out that you can put it over the actual video. I’m glad I stumbled across this technique, and definitely will use this in more assignments!

I really like making tutorials. I came into this class not knowing much about editing and softwares, and now, after many struggles, I’ve gotten the hang of it! It’s really amazing to see how much I have learned this semester, and put it to the test.

I know people who are just starting out in the class, or still have not grasped things can get quite discouraged. Some of the simplest things to us are quite hard for other people. I love being able to help anyone who is struggling.

Check out the tutorial here:

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