Video Essay

After my second assignment bank, the video essay was a piece of cake. I chose to use Amelie, a beautiful French film. I went onto youtube to look up scenes, and came across one where she helps a blind man across the street. This scene had everything we had learned about in the videos, and I thought it was perfect. It had shot-reverse shot, assemble movement, and composing movement. It, sadly, did not have a praise of chairs though.

After I found my scene, I converted it into clip grab once again and put it into iMovie. Then I added a voice over and muted the background of the scene and uploaded it to YouTube.

I chose to mute the scene in this assignment and not my assignment bank because the video essay was more about the actual cinematography and not the scene. In my assignment bank, it was a scene that changed you life, so I thought keeping the audio in it was beneficial. If the viewer wanted to hear my story they could, or they could just tune me out and watch the scenes themselves.

Overall, I thought this assignment would be extremely difficult, but it ended up being quite easy. I am so happy that there are tools like clip grab online to help make the process a lot simpler.

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