Web Storytelling

This assignment intimidated me. I thought this would require a lot more work than I was cut out for. There have been some assignments I am not skilled with, and I definitely thought this would be one of them. I brushed it off until it was the last thing I had to do before my weekly summary. Overall, this assignment was so easy to execute. The X-RAY goggles made it absolutely so easy. The only thing I had trouble with was adding a photo. I was able to take the other photo out, but I never learned how to add a new one in. I went to craigslist and browsed the categories. I came across one for digital technology services, and thought it was perfect. I thought it would be funny to make an ad for someone to help me with the class, as we are in the home stretch. I just wanted to add that I have not and will never cheat on any of my assignments, so no honor code violations here. Once I downloaded the goggles and found the right page, I just clicked around and edited it. Then I made an account to create a link and I was done! I thought this assignment was SO interesting and intriguing and I loved using a new ad-on that I knew nothing about!


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