DS106,  Weekly Summary

Weekly Summary 3/29/19

I have NEVER been so excited to be writing a weekly summary. This week was honestly hell for me.

I originally intended to grind all of my work out for this week so that I could enjoy my birthday on Sunday. I told myself to get over the procrastination and get started. Fate was not on my side though. I started on Monday, and after a few hours put my laptop in my backpack and when I pulled it back out….. NOTHING. The screen was completely black. I had quite a panic attack and put it away after fiddling with it for an hour. When I say fiddling I mean slamming the keys in anger and restarted and rebooting it. I woke up early to go to my 8 am the next day and called 3 people to help me out. Finally on the third call I made an appointment for that day. I started my commute home and went to the Apple store. I walked in, they ran testing, and came out to me with terrible news. It would be almost $500, would take 3-4 days to get back to me, and it would be completely wiped clean. Safe to say, my blood was boiling. I had no choice but to leave my laptop with them and suffer. Finally on Friday, after work, I ran by there and it still wasn’t ready. 2 hours later I got the email to come in, I grabbed my laptop, and immediately went home and started on my assignments. Here I am, late at night, trying to get my work done before the clock strikes midnight and its my birthday.


First things first, the video essay. I was able to get all of the readings and videos done on my phone without my laptop, so once I received my laptop I was set. I chose to do a scene from Amelie. This movie is beautiful in it cinematography and immediately was my first thought. This movie is also where I got my secret agents name from! I searched youtube, found my clip, inserted it into clip grabber, edited it and did a voiceover in iMovie and uploaded it to youtube! I thought this assignment would be so much more difficult. I chose to keep the entire clip whole instead of editing it. I did this because I felt like then it wouldn’t fit. The entire clip was perfect and didn’t need to be edited, if I did it would take away from the meaning. I also muted the clip so you could just hear my voice over. I did this because I felt like the m most important thing was the essay part of the assignment, and having the words in the clip would take away from the meaning. It was based on the cinematography of the scene, and not the entire scene itself.

Next up was the interview. In my post, I address that this assignment caused a lot more stress than it should have. iMovie constantly was crashing every time I uploaded the questions into it. I eventually gave up with this method and put the entire youtube clip in with the help of clip grab and inserted my answers into it. It doesn’t look the best, and it isn’t the most creative, but it was the best I could do with my lack of knowledge with iMovie.

I chose the question set that I felt like I could answer the best. The other question sets had some questions that I was not set on an answer for. After I finished inserting my answers, I uploaded it to youtube and was done! This would constitute as a six star assignment if it was on the assignment banks.

Next up is the assignment banks. I chose to go with the assignment banks. I texted my radio show group, and they all said they were doing assignment banks so I chose to do them as well. I am very happy that I chose them as well. I tend to want to do the most stars possible in order to complete the requirement. This is due to the fact that I would rather complete harder assignments than do more. So this week I chose two five star assignments.

The first assignment bank was to make a message using Morse Code. I chose to youtube a video to help me. I originally was going to look up a photo, but I felt like a video would be more helpful. I found a video portraying “hello world” and decided to roll with it. However, it was difficult. I was going to tap one finger for a dot, and two for a dash. Holding the camera to my fingers and listening to the video proved to be difficult. Then I realized that this is a video assignment, and not an audio assignment. So I found one where it used light instead. I used my lamp a the light source and followed a video. This was a lot easier and I think it turned out pretty accurate. Obviously it isn’t perfect, and may not even say hello world, but I did my best!

My second assignment bank was to show 3 movie scenes that changed my life. This was way too hard to narrow down. I ultimately went to Netflix for some inspiration, and found my 3 movies. The 3 movies I chose were The Butterfly Effect (which shows that the past is the past for a reason, and changing the past can prove unwanted futures), The Danish Girl (which shows that you should never be ashamed of who you are, and those who really love you, love you no matter what), and The Lovely bones (which shows that people are not always who you think they are, and you can’t always trust everyone). Then I went to youtube to find the scenes and used clip grab to insert them into iMovie. I chose to keep the audio of the videos however, because the assignment is about the scenes. So I added my voice over on top of the scenes. This way, if you want to listen to my analyzation you can, or you can just listen to the clips themselves.

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Posts of the week:

As I stated last week, I enjoy the posts of the week. This assignment makes me remember to comment as well as to look at my classmates work thoroughly. This commonly inspires me to step out of my comfort zone and try new things with my work. I was also able to complete this while I didn’t have my laptop.


I think I get one week where I don’t have to reprimand myself for not commenting. This is the week. It is really difficult to comment every single day when you don’t have a laptop to do it. I did it probably two days, which isn’t enough, but I think I did the best that I could.


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