DS106,  Weekly Summary

Weekly Summary 4/12/19

Well….. after two weeks of constant struggles I have finally completed MY MISSION!

Here I am on Tuesday writing my weekly summary after cracking down and fighting my procrastination.

For those interested in my laptop update, here it is. I dropped off my laptop on Thursday, with the estimated time I would be getting it back this Wednesday. Safe to say, this would’ve created another hell week. However, it was ready to be picked up on Saturday. I spent the past couple of days grinding all my homework out, so that for once I can enjoy my free time. I think my laptop should be all good! If not, and I have to walk into apple one more time, I might demand a new laptop (because then it would be getting out of control). So after 6 phone calls, $500, a wiped laptop, hours on the phone, and days of waiting, I’M BACK!

Let’s get this started, shall we?

Our first assignment was to make a tutorial. I am very familiar with this assignment, as I did it a couple weeks ago. I love being able to help people in the class. It took me quite a bit of time to get this class down, but after I did, I want to be able to help others.

No matter how easy an assignment is, someone in the class could be having trouble with it! I chose to do the video essay. I really enjoyed this assignment, and it could be one to have trouble with. I’ve done two video essays and two tutorials in the past few weeks, so this I have mastered.

All I did was record my screen, put it into iMovie, add a voiceover, a few titles, some music, and I was done! I state in my post that I accidentally found out a really cool new thing! You can actually layer a title over your video, which makes it look fresh and modern. I definitely will be using this more in the future!

Next was our assignments! 10 stars of mashup assignments, and two remixes.

I really enjoyed the mashup assignments! They didn’t need an extra software to complete and were really fun!

For my first assignment it was 5 stars. I had to basically have a conversation with myself. I wanted to relate it to my secret agent, so I made it a text conversation between her and the Secret Agent Headquarters. This headquarters was giving her a mission. I kept it vague to correlate with the typical secret agent lifestyle. All I did was screen record it and put it into my post! I chose to just do this and not edit it because the assignment called for a screen recording. I’ve been interpreting assignments, and for this one, I wanted to keep it authentic.

I was also quite confused on how to do this assignment. I didn’t want to take a friends phone, and I also wasn’t home to use my iPad. I chose to use my laptop, but change the sending address from my phone number to my email. This would allow for there not to be double texts sent. I then changed the contact information and sent the texts back and forth!

My next assignment was also 5 stars and it required Animoji. This was my first time ever using it, and the cringe was too real to ever use it again. I locked myself in the bathroom with my phone and my boyfriends phone to do this, and I will never again. Now I get to post it for the entire internet to see…… YIKES!


Next was remixes!!! Now these were actually really fun too!!! I liked taking a regular assignment and adding a twist to it.

My first assignment was one I had to do in the past. In the syllabus, we were supposed to take an assignment we had already done and remix it!

I chose to do an assignment where you upload a photo and talk about why it is your favorite. However, the remix was to turn this around. So I did my least favorite photo. My photo was of the last day my cat Harley was alive. It is also my last photo of him alive. I LOVE the photo (because he had fallen into his water dish) but hate the memory of his death.

My second assignment was originally going to be a different assignment, but I changed it up last minute.

I had also done this assignment before, and I intended to make it relate to my secret agent, but the remix proved it difficult.

I took the remix quite literally, as we had to add yo momma jokes into the assignment, so I literally took a picture of yo momma jokes and moved the camera to make it blurry. Then I sent it to my laptop and saved it to my computer.

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Posts of the Week:

I feel like everyone had really great ideas for our final mission! Everyone is also so creative with their assignments and I love it. This is one of my favorite things to do every week.

Looking Ahead:

For the mission remix, I wanted to have multiple different peoples ideas, while also incorporating my own. My idea was to use all medias we have used in our final project. Then I went through everyones ideas and picked my favorites and assigned them the appropriate category.

Commenting: It still Tuesday, so I have time to comment my butt off, which I intend to do (don’t worry!!!!!!).

Daily Creates:


WEEK TWELVE IS COMPLETE (and I’m off to bed)!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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