Assignment Bank,  DS106

What is your least favorite photo?

Stars: 2

Remix stars: 2

For my first assignment bank I had to take my favorite photo and explain why. I chose this assignment to remix to give it some FLAVOR!! The remix called for doing the complete opposite of the intended assignment. I chose to then, make this about my least favorite photo.

This proved to be difficult. I don’t really have a least favorite photo, unless I want to ruin my life by posting an ugly photo of me for the whole internet to see. Then, I knew exactly what would be the photo.

I love this photo. But I also hate the background information of it. This was taken June 21, 2018. I was getting reading for work, and cuddling with my cat, Harley. I gave him some love, and completed my shift at work. I debated going home, or to my boyfriends house. I had a gut feeling to go home, but realized I had worked a double as a server, his house was closer, and I would just go to my house in the morning.

The morning came, and it was not bright. I stepped foot into my house and realized Harley was sitting in an odd spot. I didn’t think much of it, as he was sick. Hyperthyroidism, a heart murmur, and cancer had slowly taken over his body. The 20 pound and hyper beast had turned into an aggressive boy, and then to a sweet and cuddly teddy bear. He was almost a zombie for months. Constantly loosing weight, equating to less than four pounds. Pure skin and bones roaming through the house, and walking in circles.

It’s hard to see something so pure and amazing slowly dwindle to a corpse. He was just as amazing when he died as when he was healthy. He became more and more cuddly, always gravitating towards me. The comfort of my brother was his favorite, and soon his trust lied in me. He followed me around the house, always wanted to be cuddled up in blankets in my arms, and would caress my face with his paw when I cried holding him.

I came home from college (before I started commuting) as much as possible. I knew his days were numbered.

And they were.

After seeing him in his awkward position, I dropped my bags and asked him how he was doing. He got up and tried to greet me, but something was wrong. He wavered to the left, hitting his head on the wall, and as he fell back right, I caught him in my arms. He wriggled in pain, and I was crying hysterically.

After almost 15 years, how could today be the day?

I ran through the house with him in my arms, tears streaming down my face, and screaming for my brother. I ran up the stairs, to an empty room, ran back down two flights, and ended up in the basement. He shot up and knew.

We put him in the carrier, raced to the vet, and they took him away. The doctor came in asking if we wanted to resuscitate him. Against my brother wishes, I said no. He had been suffering for long enough. They brought him back to die with us. We took him home and buried him, always remembering our sweet bubs.

I hate this photo because it is the last photo I have of my baby boy alive. I regret not going with my gut and being there for him all night into the morning. I met him when I was four, and he was the size of my palm. We dropper fed him, along with his sister, and raised them from small kittens, to amazing adults.

14 years are what I had with Harley, and I wouldn’t take back a single second. I would do anything to have one more day with you. No one can understand how special you truly are.

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