Assignment Bank,  DS106

Yo Momma WHAT?

Stars: 2

Remix: 2 1/2

For the original assignment you’re supposed to take a picture of an object and make it basically unrecognizable. I had already done this assignment, so both of my remixes are from assignments already completed! Now, the remix made it quite impossible to relate it back to my secret agent, which is what I was hoping to do. I had another assignment chosen, and was going to use my secret agent in that one, but I was more interested in this assignment.

The remix called for yo momma jokes. So I took this literally and took and unrecognizable photo OF yo momma jokes. Then I sent it to my laptop and saved it and posted it in here!

Quick, fun, and easy assignment. It’s always fun to recreate past assignments, while giving them a little twist to keep them original.

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