Assignment Bank #2


I have never thought about making a haiku poem about a haiku poem. Haikus seem to be a theme with my assignment banks, so I thought this would only be fitting. It said it would be challenging, however it wasn’t. I found the assignment, thought about what a haiku was, and sounded out the syllables on my fingers until they fit the rules. I then wrote them down on a piece of paper, and then tweeted them. This assignment was super simple, but I enjoyed it. This haiku was significantly longer than the other two I’ve written. Instead of one poem, I had to write three. This didn’t make it any more difficult, as writing it in one poem would’ve been highly complicated. I feel like haikus are going to be all over my blog, and I’m perfectly fine with that. They’re simple, but can be interpreted in so many different ways by different audiences. That, to me, is a very special thing.

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